Hip & Joint Support for Large Dogs – Active Ingredients

When our dogs are hurting, we’re hurting. Many large-breed dogs are prone to a host of bone disorders like arthritis and hip dysplasia. Treating these disorders can be difficult and expensive. Taking your dog to the vet and getting endless prescription pain medications is stressful for you and for him. These prescription medications can have a range of side effects, some of them debilitating and dangerous.

Wouldn’t it be better to heal your dog’s joints with a natural substance that is already in his body? All-natural glucosamine is a vet-tested and approved supplement to prevent damage from arthritis and hip dysplasia and even heal arthritis-ridden joints.

Active Ingredients

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P&B Hip and Joint Support for Large Dogs is a concentrated formula of glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM that puts these healing ingredients in a delicious chicken-flavored treat that is easy to give your dog, as opposed to other products that come in pill, liquid or powder form.

Other companies package their supplements separately, forcing you to buy glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM individually and give each one to your dog, but P&B combines them for the most effective and most convenient treatment. There are no side effects because the ingredients are naturally derived from crab, shrimp and pork.

As your dog ages, his cartilage degrades, wasting away until the bones in his joints rub together, causing pain and inflammation. Each active ingredient in P&B Hip and Joint Support works to heal damaged tissue and relieve your dog’s pain.

  • Glucosamine helps keep the joints lubricated, preventing bone from rubbing against bone, and nourishes cartilage, encouraging new growth.
  • Chondroitin repairs cartilage tissue, restoring the cushion between the bones.
  • MSM reduces inflammation, reducing pain, improving flexibility and allowing your dog to be active again.

glucosamine for dogsP&B Hip and Joint Support also contains Vitamin C and manganese to further encourage healthy tissue growth and repair and to protect tissues from free radical damage. Free radicals damage the cell membranes of cartilage cells in the joints, causing them to break down even faster. Eliminating free radicals allows your dog’s joints to heal more quickly and efficiently, preventing further damage when the tissue is vulnerable and healing.

P&B Hip and Joint Support contains no artificial ingredients or preservatives, so you can give it to your dog with peace of mind. The glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM and other active ingredients are all naturally-derived and flavored with real chicken flavor, nutmeg and allspice.

Hip and Joint Support is suitable for dogs of all ages and sizes, whether you have a young dog and want to prevent joint problems as he ages or an elderly dog who needs help restoring healthy joint tissue. Although Hip and Joint Support is formulated especially for large breeds, it is safe to give to small dogs, who may also be at risk for developing degenerative joint conditions. Small dogs are especially prone to develop neck problems from jumping on and off of furniture and other elevated areas.

Prevention is always the best medicine, so starting your dog on a healthy joint supplement like Hip and Joint Support early in his life is best, but it is never too late to start thinking about your dog’s senior health. Even aged dogs can become healthy and active again with proper joint care. Click here to buy our product through Amazon.

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